Top Email Design Trends That Can Click For Your Business

Have you ever wondered why your newsletters fail to yield the desired response? In the competitive business clutter, you might notice that the open rates of your emails are not looking healthy. The secret lies in breaking away from the traditional email marketing strategies.

As a business owner, you must be using a responsive email template for specific customer groups. This is pivotal to retain your existing customers, while roping in new ones into your business. As compared to general broadcast newsletters circulated to emails, recipient-specific emails are likely to drive the revenue 18X. In this context, we bring you some of the top email design trends, that can strengthen your email marketing strategy.

Making your emails interactive
For a few years now, email interactivity has been a hot topic among digital marketers. The reputed email template designers are closely working with their clients, so that their messages can actually communicate with the users. Key elements in the templates should include:

  • High-quality images
  • Gifs
  • Bold typography
  • More humane texts
  • Illustrations and graphics
  • Highlighted phrases

Besides, these need to be customized according to the nature of your business and customer psychology. For personalized email campaign templates, business firms are seeking the experience and service of reputed template designers.

Focusing on subscriber lifetime and personalization

All email marketers focus on creating a relevance in their campaigns. Email list segmentation can leverage the click-through rate by 5%. A popular trend among progressive marketers is to focus on the lifetime value of the subscribers and increase the same. The content and product can be individually piped in the age of machine learning and big data. Some popular practices in this context include:

  • Adding the option of adding an item to cart in the email
  • Hovering on a particular image, so that relevant products or images are revealed
  • Choosing answers to interactive questions, relevant to the customer, that fosters a greater engagement

With powerful email campaign templates integrated with these features, companies can strengthen their marketing potential.

Making email content shorter

On an average, a reader scans through a new email for three to five seconds. Therefore, marketers have little time to captivate them. This is the reason why they are now focusing on shorter email content, with more bite-size. Although long emails work, the focus now lies more on customers who browse the internet through mobile devices. A statistic reveals that 33% of email opens take place in iPhones. As a result, the marketers are reducing the size of content consistently, and focusing more on visual elements.

Grabbing the attention of the readers is the key to conversion. Business firms planning to launch their campaigns should browse through the latest HTML email templates for 2018 and get them tailored.

Storytelling and stronger narratives

Storytelling continues to be one of the most under-utilized strategies of marketing. Email marketers have been lately trying out this mechanism to engage customers. As a marketer, you need to make the potential customers feel the journey. You can use a single email, themed and sequenced emails or a series of triggered emails for greater customer engagement. The key reasons for this trend to succeed in the marketing mix are:

  • Everyone finds an interesting story engaging
  • You can answer the ‘why’ and ‘how’ through stories
  • Good stories are accepted universally
  • Stories can help marketers contextualize their products
  • Great stories are memorable

When you use a responsive email template designed for sharing stories, make sure not to focus solely on the product features. Use the email as a shopping guide for your customers.

Increasing the variety of messages

A popular trend in designing the emails makes it possible for the marketer to come up with a variety of messages. When you seek email campaign templates from a reputed company, the designers will guide you on how to incorporate variety in your campaign. Your customers would not like to go through similar branding messages time and again. Besides, you need to target the non-responders and re-market the products and services. You can promote the same concept in several ways, when you have these templates at your disposal.

 Business firms can collaborate with established email template design and coding service providers like EmailLions for a comprehensive assistance in choosing the templates. Streamline your business amid the competition with the right mechanism to structure these emails. This can bring you the much-needed edge over the competitors. Explore the latest email templates and place your marketing messages strategically before potential target groups.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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