Tips For Designing Responsive Email Templates

Marketers, how hard to you try to stand out in your recipient’s inbox with personalized emails?

The secret lies in working intelligently, rather than working hard. Business firms have been using personalized email templates in their newsletters and promotional campaigns. If you want these emails more likely to be opened, you should definitely have a strategy behind it.

Email messages that are personalized can enhance the click-through rates by 14%. Besides, it can improve your conversions by 10%, as compared to ordinary email newsletters.

Benefits of using personalized email templates

  • Personalized emails strengthen brand consistency
  • These templates foster a better communication
  • It saves you time and money
  • Personalized email templates generate a higher ROI
  • It increases the customer engagement

7 tips to personalize responsive email templates for your business

As a marketer, you should understand the value of strengthening your customer experience. You need to structure your content in personal email templates and send them to your customers. Here, you will come across certain tips to personalize responsive email templates, that can bolster your business.

Your email should be a teaser

You might have a lot to tell your readers about company announcements, latest products or biggest sales. However, you need to entice the readers to go through these details. Craft the email in such a way that it lures a potential customer to read it.

It is important to know how to design an email template. Most of the companies collaborate with established email template designers these days. The professionals will help with customized templates that suit your marketing scenario. A focused email, brief and to the point, leads the recipients to the CTA directly.

 Structure the message in a hierarchical fashion

Typically, the success of an email lies in three processes:

  • Grabbing the attention
  • Developing the anticipation
  • Delivering the call to action

When you structure the email in the inverted pyramid format, it becomes easy to incorporate this strategy. Use a compelling element at the beginning of each of these sections. Follow it up with a bold headline and supportive texts. This should lead to the CTA button, ensuring a seamless journey for the consumer.

The reputed email template designers build responsive email template for their clients. This helps them to dispatch industry-specific messages using this format to the recipients.

 Grid-based designs

It is easier to make grid-based designs for email templates responsive. The reason is, HTML emails comprise of tables, that are made of rows and columns. When you use this strategy, it will provide you with a greater degree of flexibility in arranging the content.

 A study reveals that 74% of the marketers acknowledge that targeted personalization enhances engagement with the customers. You might be interested to know how to create html email template. Reach out to the experts for highly customized templates for your business.

Use ALT text

The images may not load easily at times. Certain subscribers disable the auto-loading option in their devices for security purposes.

When you use ALT text, it becomes possible for these readers to get your messages. Even when they are unable to view the images, they can understand your point.

  • Try to keep the text short
  • Break the text into two lines, as it will not be displayed by certain email clients
  • Stylize your ALT text by using a specific font, colour and typography size

Using personal email templates will simplify the process.

 Using animated GIFs

 As a visual tool for storytelling, animated GIFs serve as powerful options. When you use these visual elements in motion, you should consider the resolution and number of frames.

At times, these can turn into big files. GIFs that are oversized slow down the process and consume more data. Therefore, animate only what is important and minimize the GIF size. A lower number of pixels change as the frame rotates, and the file size becomes smaller.

These strategies will help you have a more effective email personalization process. Business firms are presently collaborating with reputed companies like EmailLions for personalized email templates. The experts working with this platform can build responsive email template for specific industries. Reach out to the trusted designers to strengthen your email marketing strategy.


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