The Greatest Benefits of Email Personalization for Newsletters

Personalizing emails lies beyond using the names of your customers. Addressing your customers is just the first stage in attracting their attention. You need to retain their interest till the CTA, and this is where custom email templates can help. Emails with personalized subject lines enjoy a 22.2% higher chance of being opened. Essentially, personalization indicates the interactivity you can create with your customers through software or content. This should give them the feeling that you are considering their interests.

In the competitive business space, digital marketers heavily rely on reputed email template designers. These experts can not only create the desired impact through the right mix of visual elements in the templates, but also guide you in choosing the right newsletter structure. Using personalized emailing templates, you can get the content tailored for individual recipients.

Why should you personalize your email templates?

A research reveals that promotional emails, when personalized, generate 41% greater unique chick rates. Therefore, personalizing emails can help you expand your customer base as well as revenue. You can segment your audience and adopt a specific targeting strategy with the right email templates at your disposal. Here, you will come to know about the benefits of using personalized email templates for your newsletters.

Better customer experience

Presently, a significant section of customers is inclined in sharing their data with companies. This allows them to receive personalized experiences. Customers now equate the degree of personalization with the reputation of the company. It is for this reason that leading business firms use personalized email newsletter design in the promotional emails. A research carried out involving 7,000 consumers reveals that bombarding the users with information is no longer effective.

  • According to 58% of the consumers, personalization plays a key role in determining the intention to purchase.
  • Around the same number of respondents considers the reputation of the brand to be important.
  • 57% of the respondents were willing to share personal information for tailored discounts.
  • 52% of the customers were interested in receiving product recommendations.

 As customers are ready to share personal information, marketers need to use custom newsletter design to get them interested in their products and services.

Increasing the revenue

As a marketer, your responsibilities lie beyond attracting potential customers to the website. Increasing the lifetime values of the customers is an important aspect You need to dispatch personalized messages to the customers, based on their purchasing behavior. This is one of the most effective strategies, through which companies can increase their ROI. When you identify the channel that they prefer the most, you can easily follow them up.

This is relevant both in the B2C and B2B markets. This is evident from the following statistics:

Evidently, business firms of all statures should look out for custom email templates to streamline their campaigns.

Leveraging customer retention

It may cost a company more to acquire a new customer, than to retain an existing one. However, in the competitive business environment, it is not easy to retain the existing customers. A personalized email newsletter design can help you retain your customers, while you expand your business. Customers enjoy a greater number of choices, as competition mounts. The Harvard Business Review reveals that increasing the retention rates of customers by 5% can leverage profits by as much as 95%.

Marketers can adopt the following strategies to increase customer retention:

  • Reward customers who purchase frequently through discounts and deals.
  • You need to be creative while rewarding your customers, for instance, some companies offer free delivery of online products
  • Use customized email newsletter design to make your marketing messages appeal to your customers.
  • For irregular customers, a tailored newsletter may work out.
  • Invite your customers to events or send free samples to them, following up with a customized newsletter email seeking their feedback.

Using customized email templates can eventually strengthen your business by increasing the conversion and retention rates. For personalized emailing templates, you can reach out to established companies like EmailLions. Stay ahead of the competition using tailored newsletter templates for your business. This can substantially enhance the customer’s journey in the purchasing process.


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