Subscribers Not Converting? Try These Tips To Write An Engaging Newsletters

My subscribers are not converting!!

My email bounce rate is going high!! I am losing my business as my subscribers are not reading my emails!! 

Email marketing is one of the most affordable yet effective marketing strategies to give quick results but only if done correctly. Email marketing experts suggests that it is important to have your subscribers preferences in mind when you sit for email newsletter design. Of course, you might have tried your hand with most of the email marketing strategies and Googling stuff and all but the results are not up to the mark. It happens. Sometimes, you are missing out on very basics, so if you think that your efforts are failing, we are here to help you. Read on how you can write an engaging email copy that converts your subscribers.

To get your email open is the first step of every email marketer. To do so you need to convince your readers that the newsletter is worth reading.

1. The Content Should Be For Your Subscribers

When creating an email copy for your subscribers, try to understand their interests, preferences and know what clicks. Know how long they have subscribed to your brand, products and services. Answering these questions will get you’re the right segment of the email data list and helps in writing a targeted email copy for your subscribers.

Segmented emails are believed to bring in 56% or more click through than usual emailers.

Ensure that your email content answers the questions that your customers are looking for. Providing a basic information and how your products/services can benefit them can help in lifting the click through rates.

2. Your Subject Line Matters A Lot

What’s the first thing that your subscribers  will read? It’s the subject line.

Your subject line conveys what your newsletter is all about so make it attractive enough to open it.  Make sure you follow below mentioned pointers:

  • Do not make it more than 30 characters longer
  • Try asking a question in your subject line, it makes your readers feel that you know what they are looking for and you have the answer to it.
  • Your subject line should create a sense of urgency, something like they will miss out huge if they didn’t open and read it

3. Magic Of Personalization

This goes beyond saying a “Hi” as your salutation. Personalizing your emails can have a huge impact on your readers. It means segmenting your email list so that you are offering relevant topic to your readers.

You can send different emails depending on your reader’s age, preferences, tastes, gender and location, whether they are looking for a personal or business purchase, etc.

4. Use SEO Keywords

Using SEO rich keywords in your email newsletters that sparks your readers interest along with boosting your website success on the search engines. Make sure the content is brief but relevant rich with SEO keywords without sounding spammy.

5. Use More Of “You” Than “We”

You have only few seconds to capture your audience’s attention. Your readers are opening your emailers and redirected to your landing page. Make sure you are not over promoting your brand. Do not use technical jargons or difficult words, rather make it more conversational like your newsletter is talking to them as a friend.

Develop catchy email subject lines and content so that your email marketing campaigns is generating more leads and capturing loyal subscribers.

6. Focus On Singular Goals

Make sure that your email marketing design doesn’t look cluttered. Messy look, with spammy content will make your subscribers go away. It only takes a moment to “unsubscribe” from your email database list.

Keep your email simple and short, with focusing only one thing. Do not talk about multiple services and products. If you are putting out a word for one product/service, make sure that your content is designed around the same.

7. Urgency Leading To Strong Call To Action

Deadline to signup for the bonus gift or giving giveaway gifts to your first 50 subscribers upon clicking that call to action button.  Creating a sense of urgency encourages an email opener to take the action immediately.

The above-mentioned tips are greatly helping in converting your email copy into potential customers. Make sure that you proofread it again and again as typos and inaccuracies can put your subscribers off leading to increased bounce rate.

Final Thoughts

Developing a compelling newsletter that get opened, read and clicked is one of the most crucial elements of any successful email marketing strategy.

If you are looking to form a better relationship with your subscribers and increase your conversions through emailers, you surely need us.

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