Do Personalized Email Templates Really Work? Here is Your Answer.

Today, as a business operator or a marketer – what is the biggest weapon you have for your side? Is it digital marketing – No. Is it wider reach to audiences – No. Is it greater access to capital – No. The biggest weapon you have is – access to relevant data.

For a consumer who really has a problem and wants to solve it anyhow, there are several ways to find a solution. If she is unable to find a solution, she can very well go online and learn how to build the solution herself. Although this is empowering to us as individuals, it is a danger to businesses. That said, with the right usage of data, you can customize your offerings for your entire audience.

This starts with creating personalized email templates. The most irritating way to get greeted in an email is when it reads Dear Customer or some other generic term. This just shows that the business has not taken any active steps to understand the customer; and as data would support this, such email marketing efforts end up in the drain.

So, the real question here is – do personal email templates really work? The short answer is – Yes, they do. Every marketing report has now repeatedly shown that the return on investment with email marketing campaigns is higher than on other marketing channels. Hence, as logic would suggest, personalizing your email marketing efforts is only beneficial in the long run.

Now that you know it’s important, how do you get started with personalizing your emails? Here are a few steps to help you out:

1. Understand that not all the parts of your email have to be customized.
If you believe you can create an AI engine that will customize each email for each individual customer, you are a bit too ahead of the time and actually, may not get the budget to do this. The counter intuitive way of customizing an email starts with standardizing it.

It is true, that each customer will be in a different phase in her/his user journey; but this does not mean that she/he does not belong to any consumer group. All cold leads will have some common characteristics. Everyone who has signed up for your newsletter will have some common traits. The intelligent thing to do here is to understand what parts of the email can be templatized and what parts can be customized.

2. The next step is answering the question – how to create HTML email template?
Creating a template has to be a very scientific process. You cannot create one ‘good-looking’ template and use it across your email marketing efforts. That defeats the purpose of using a template. You are using a template to scale the best practices you have developed in crafting that one type of email or newsletter.

Thus, when you are sitting with your team of designers and programmers and trying to figure out how to design an email template, make sure you understand the fact that it is supposed to be a data-backed, iterative approach. There should be a ton of A/B testing involved and every major element of the template should be there only because you have data to support the claim that it is the most effective element among its alternatives.

3. Now, focus on the customizing part.
In order to customize parts your email or newsletter, you will need data about the user. This data may include some generic specifications such as the user’s name, email ID and her/his indication on her/his levels of interest in your offerings.

Thus, one thing is sure – customizing is impossible without great usage of data. That said, every business with a digital facet today is sitting on a ton of data. So, use it to build responsive email template.

In Conclusion

It is very clear that customizing your email templates and the messaging results in greater conversion rates. Increasingly, this claim is finding resonance among marketers. So, use the data you already have to customize both your marketing communication and your offerings to your customers, for greater conversion rates from all your marketing channels – especially your email marketing efforts.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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