Newsletter Design: 4 Best Practices You Have to Follow!

Newsletters are a great medium for businesses to connect directly with their audience. This is a medium they literally own and if executed the right way – it can prove to be a tremendous asset for the entire business. So, if you want your newsletters to work for you, pay attention to these best practices for email newsletter design.

1. Use Responsive Designs.

The biggest mistake you can make is to send out a newsletter that shows you have put up next to no effort in making the design accentuate the content of the newsletter. There is a reason why you should be using custom newsletter design – because it helps you tailor your message the right way.

Now, there are a ton of companies that are sending out newsletters and many of these newsletters are quite phenomenal. A low hanging fruit for you to differentiate your newsletters – is using responsive designs. When going with a static design seems like the ‘financially sound’ thing to do, go for the responsive designs and the open rates of your newsletters will justify any incremental costs you had to incur.

2. Use Templates Judiciously.

How long does it take to ruin a newsletter campaign strategy? Apparently, not a lot. You can go to an online platform and buy an off-the-shelf newsletter template and voila – you would’ve ruined your campaign even before you get started.

With newsletters, you are getting a unique opportunity to contact your audiences. Use this as a platform to truly talk about things that matter and present them in a way that your audience can enjoy. Imagine this – of the hundreds of newsletters that your audience members are bombarded with, what if they find an identical looking newsletter to the one you have sent? It would take your marketing team a ton of time to scrub off that event from people’s memories.

The ideal way to proceed with this is by getting started with custom email templates and then seeing what works with your audience.

3. Get Professionals.

Can your UI/UX team design the newsletters for you? Absolutely, all talented designers can do that. As a matter of fact, any first year design student can do that for you. So, why hire a professional designer? Because she will bring with her, years of experience in what works and what doesn’t.

Remember – your newsletter is not a piece of art; it has a clear mandate – to engage your audience, and sometimes it can take a lot of hit & trials than what you can afford, to get it right. Hence, whether it is about designing emailing templates or converting PSD to HTML – get professionals to do it for you.

4.  Make it a scientific process.

Like all decisions in business, intuition may seem like a wise move until it blows up in someone’s face. The same holds true with newsletters as well. You will not go with someone’s raw intuition when deciding upon the UI of your app, then why let a designer just follow her gut when designing?

Use A/B testing on as many elements and arrangements as possible to get it right. Document each element when converting PSD to HTML.

In Conclusion

It is not dramatically difficult to get a great newsletter. Just take care of the insights listed here and you will discover the newsletter that works both for your marketing team and the audiences.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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