Make Your Email Marketing Efficient With Templates

Marketing is becoming a more and more arduous process. Marketers are now looking at a tone of data and trying to garner more and more insights. Every business operator believes that marketing becoming more of an art and less of science.

While this may hold true for a perfectly noisy system, there are several aspects of marketing which can be made more efficient. For instance, email marketing. Once you have the audience data and are clear about the messaging you want to deliver, email marketing can be made extremely efficient using the right type of templates.

Here is why you should think about using templates to make your email marketing more efficient:

a. It brings down costs.
b. It gives you the time to focus on the bigger picture – your business strategy.
c. It helps you deliver consistent results with your marketing efforts.

Now that the impact of email marketing newsletter templates is clear, here is how you can actually put it into action:

1. Quantify what you want to achieve with your email marketing efforts.

Most of the marketers can form a broad picture – they want to increase sales, decrease sales processing time and also increase brand equity. That said, what you should focus on is creating the right numeric picture for the same.

Instead of stating that you want to increase your revenues and are ready to incur certain costs for it, answer what amount are you ready to put in order to increase those revenues. This way, by the time you reach your email marketing metrics, you will have a clear set of goals in front of you.

2. Use professionals wherever you can.

Just because your programmer can design a template, does not mean she should! After all, when you are trying to make your email marketing more efficient with the help of templates, you are simply trying to scale your existing work.

This would mean that everything will have a multiplying effect. If you had great email marketing templates earlier, you will have several times greater email marketing templates now. It also means, that if you had mediocre of non-performing templates earlier, you will have templates performing at an even lower level.

So, it only makes sense to have email design and coding services on board. You are only looking forward to getting it right once. Once you have the right templates in place, you can scale them and see the efficiency for yourself.

3. Stand out from your competition.

Remember this – more and more people are getting bombarded with more and more content, on a daily basis. Your content should add value to their work and lives and at the same time engage them.

At the same time, your competition is not just every player in your industry who is looking to get the same market share. Your competition is every person who is sending a newsletter to your target audience, since you are competing for the same finite share of attention. Hence, there is no way you can choose to have a static feel of your marketing collateral.

Start at the very basic levels. If you are running a newsletter, shift to a custom newsletter design that helps you stand out of the crowd. Anyone can hire a designer and get a newsletter designed. A custom newsletter which is exclusively designed for your brand will have the right feel, cohesive to your brand’s design language.

4. Give a human touch to your marketing.

As people start scaling their marketing, they start treating a user as a unique number or some identification code. Consumers like being treated as humans. You can use this as a point of differentiation for your brand by leveraging the power of a responsive HTML email template.

Use the data you already have on your consumers and also keep garnering more data to ensure you can customize your communication with them as much as possible, even if you are scaling your marketing.

In conclusion

Use the right resources in terms of people and technologies, to scale your marketing efforts; and while you do so, do not forget to stand out with your content and the feel of your brand.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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