Excellent Brand Examples Of Animated GIFs in Email Marketing

GIFs are in huge demand – they are engaging, makes your boring content looks interesting to read. Bottom line, having including GIFs in your email marketing campaign strategies can earn you more leads, boost engagement hence; better sales.

It is not easy to connect with the potential customers, showing of the benefit of using your brand and making them happy in the process. GIF in email can help turn any lead into new customers quickly.

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Do GIF Make Sense In Email? Well, yeah!! Email marketers are experimenting with stunning designs and ways to make emailers engaging and eye catchy. Combining all these elements creates a powerful email campaigns but the one that is nailing down the consumers is using animated GIF emails.

  • It increases the click through rates
  • It grabs attention of the consumers and delivers emotions in a more personalized manner
  • It is engaging hence spice up your email designs
  • GIFs can be a great replacement for the embedded video which is not supported by the email clients.

 When To Use Animated GIFs in Emails?

Not all businesses are meant to use animated GIFs in emails, but they can be created sensibly for the genre your brand is serving. If your brand is talking to a younger generation, or tech savvy audiences you are good include GIFs in your email marketing campaigns. However; make sure that your animated GIFs:

  • Do not offend your customers
  • Helps you to convey the message broadly easily
  • Emphasizes the features of your products and services
  • Adds fun and excitement to your emailers
  • Highlights the most crucial part of your newsletters

The expert email marketers suggest to custom built the GIFs with the size of less than 05 MB or maximum 1 MB. Going above this limit will slow down in loading your emailers.

The actual size of the GIFs should be kept minimum and the width of the image should be not more than your email i.e. 600 PX or so.

The growing popularity of including GIF in emails proves that animated illustrations can draw and engage the audience way better than usual emailers. Here are some of the popular brands using GIFs in emailers.

1. Netflix
Netflix is a popular online entertainment streaming platform catering to different genres. This media company is known for regularly uses animated GIFs in their mailers. Their email marketing campaign strategists are really doing a great job of mixing animated illustrations that adds some engaging interaction for their subscribers.

2. Uber
Uber started using GIFs in emails since 2017. Now their mailers are seen with customized to adds some additional color to the email design. The moving cars are designed to match up the apps. Subscribers have a good email experience even if they are unable to see complete animated images.

3. MailChimp
MailChimp mailers are great content style guide each one unique and have been conveyed perfectly well. Their email marketing team is always point on about content, design, branding and GIFs. Their customized animated GIFs look natural and different looks like treating every customer with a personal invitation.

4. Spotify
Spotify emails seems to top when it comes to personalizing mailers. Their customized email campaigns are interactive with creative GIFs that immediate draws their audience attention. Their CTAs is always pushing towards their subscribers towards “Listen” tab. The content is simple along with using imaginary GIF and to the point.

5. American Apparel
One of the best examples for those running Ecommerce business. American Apparel uses GIFs in emails when they are about to launch a new product. According to an A/B test conducted, the emails featuring an animated GIF pulled in 15% more revenue than their non-animated version for the brand

6. Quartz
Quartz is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction. It is taking the normal GIPHY GIFs and using them in a creative way.

It is using the GIF as an image background which is amazingly unique. The brand is specific about the mailer topic and breaks up the header and body copy accordingly.

7. BBC
BBC mailers are loved by the audience. Creativity at its best, great experimental layouts, and the primary attraction is GIF which really stands out. The animated GIF text makes a standard email really stand out.

Bottom Line

Hope these GIF examples help you when creating your PSD to HTML templates.

Including GIF in emails you will:

  • Stand out in the inbox
  • Enhance your brand identity
  • Get more leads hence more conversions
  • Audience easily relates to your brand next time when they see something similar.
  • Delight your email subscribers with personalized attention

Have you seen an email with an amazing GIF, was well designed, or that you just felt you should feature in your next email? We would like to discuss with you. Click here for further communication- send an email for inquiry. – hello@emaillions.com


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