Email Newsletter That Can Streamline Your Campaigns

For marketers, creating the desired visual impact with the right email template is a priority. In the clutter of information in the digitized business space, custom newsletter design can actually make the recipients go through your promotional materials. The style, colour, size and placement of design elements in a newsletter plays a decisive role in the success of your email marketing strategy. Given that every $1 spent on email marketing yields an average ROI of $38, business houses need to streamline this mechanism by using the right templates.

Components in a responsive email template

Certain design elements in your emails remain constant. These include:

  • The header and footer
  • Your company’s logo
  • Social media buttons and CTA
  • Font style

With these elements integrated seamlessly on your email newsletter template, you can enjoy a branded foundation during your campaigns. Today, a large section of business firms is collaborating with reputed template designers for responsive email templates. These templates provide a structured framework, through which you can deliver the marketing messages to the target group.

Here, you will come across certain email marketing newsletter templates, that can streamline your marketing campaigns.

Text or letter-based templates

Many companies like AirBNB have been successfully implementing the text or letter-based templates in their email marketing campaigns. These are used to send serious updates or personal messages to the subscribers. For instance, you can welcome a new subscriber with these newsletter email templates, announce the launch of a new product or apologize for a mistake. Besides, these are also used when companies want to inform the customers about their terms of service or updated privacy policy. In a text or letter-based email template, the key components include:

  • A branded logo or header
  • A simple and easy to read font for the text body
  • A CTA button
  • A footer
  • An e-signature

 Invitation to join templates

Companies often use a responsive html email template to invite their customers to participate in various events. These may be online webinars, contests or other occasions. Besides, you may want your subscribers to download an ebook or get a free report about your business. Or simply, you need to put forward some promotional content before your audience, inviting them to read it. In these situations, the reputed designers craft customized invitation to join templates for the companies. Particularly, these templates are valuable for publishers. In these email templates, the important components include:

  • The logo
  • A powerful visual of your product
  • A brief section highlighting the promotion
  • A strong CTA
  • A footer

News alert templates

News alert templates are designed to deliver a clear, single message to the recipients. Remember, the recipients decide whether the emails are worthy to be read in just 3 seconds. When you make an important announcement like a product launch or remodelling of an existing product, you cannot afford to let the email go unnoticed. The reputed designers generally use the inverted pyramid structure in these templates. This presents the information in a descending order of importance. The structure of these templates significantly varies from industry to the next, depending on the nature of your business. For personalized email design and coding services, you can reach out to the established designers. The components in these templates include:

  • The company logo
  • A powerful artwork
  • A CTA option
  • A formatted segment for the text body
  • A footer

Content summation templates

At times, companies use a content summation template for blog digests, lists and roundups in their emails. This ensures a consistency around all the items that are included in the list. In these cases, the business firms work in close association with the designers for developing a custom newsletter design. Subscribers of Skillshare and Wire often receive emails formatted in this type of templates. When you use these templates, you can use a format that suits your business. The components of these emails include:

  • A header or logo
  • Relevant artwork
  • A stylish body text section
  • Clear CTA buttons
  • A footer

A well-planned email marketing campaign, coupled with the right kind of template, can serve as a powerful tool for lead generation. For customized email marketing newsletter templates, you can get across to EmailLions, an established email template designer. You can strengthen your campaigns with templates relevant to your business. Besides, the experts can guide you in integrating the necessary visual elements into the email templates.


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