Email Marketing: What The Most Successful Marketers Do

In a series of data published by MailBird, email campaigns convert three times better than social media. That is 200% better results only by changing channels of communication. That said, can all marketers do it?

Some marketers always have an edge over other ones; this can be because of a stronger brand equity, more advertising dollars to spend or smaller reasons like better design processes. You may believe you as a marketer do not have the required resources, but that does not limit your job. You can still be more creative, more efficient and more effective. There will be marketers who get better results and you can be one of them, if you can make your marketing efforts more effective.

Email marketing is definitely providing a more sophisticated, personalized and permission based approach to advertising. Hence, by choosing email marketing as one of your key strategies, you have already set yourself on the path of getting better returns on your marketing spends. Now, all you have to do is follow the best practices which will give you good results. Some marketers are satisfied with good results but some marketers want optimal returns. In order to get that extra return on your marketing spent, you have to ensure that you are doing what all other successful marketers do differently.

Here are a few things successful marketers do differently to get the most out of their email marketing efforts:

Custom Newsletter Design

1. Leverage the power of custom newsletters: Newsletters are important. In the email marketing world, they can act like the frequent ads on TV which keep the consumers engaged with the brand. With a decent frequency of email newsletters, you can be in your customers’ inboxes but that will not guarantee you a frequent purchase from them. If you keep sending the same newsletters to your entire audience, you are no better than the telemarketers who believe that the same broad solution will work for all their audiences. Email marketing allows you customize on the basis of collected data. Hence, customize your newsletters to target specific audiences based on the buyer personas you have created and the stage at which each consumer is in their buyer journey. Moral of the story – use custom newsletter design.

2. Automate aspects of their marketing efforts: You may write 100 mails a day when you have 100 customers, but as you start scaling, certain areas of your marketing have to be automated. Now, everyone uses one of the mass email marketing services like MailChimp but that is not all. Your job is to automate certain aspects of your marketing, to save resources and avoid redundancy. Hence, before jumping into more advanced automation services, look at the basics – have you managed to create email marketing newsletter templates that can be used to target audiences at different points? Once you have the templates, your automation efforts will be more effective.

Email Marketing Newsletter Templates

3. Hire specialists: Yes, you might be able to plan a campaign, design the graphics and even write the copy, but a brand cannot be built on one human’s work. At some point your time will become more important than the hours you are spending in doing things where you do not have expertise. This is the time when you should hire experts. For instance, hire experts in the Email Design and Coding Services space to ensure your campaign is professional looking and efficiently prepared at the same time.

4. Make their campaigns around their customers: Finally, your customers should be at the centre of your marketing efforts. When you are putting customers as the centrepiece of your campaign, you truly have to adapt your newsletters as per your audiences’ preference in terms of language, design and even the overall outlook. Hence, ensure that you are using a responsive HTML email template when designing email newsletters.


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