Custom Email Templates: How to Use them to Maximize Open Rates!

Every professional marketer loves email marketing campaigns. Why? There are quite a few reasons to it:

1. It’s one of the few permission based marketing channels.
2. You get into your target audiences personal space.
3. If executed properly, it can single handedly help you with both your brand awareness and lead acquisition targets.

All said and done – the biggest problem with emails is the open rate. What’s the point of making all the efforts if your emails are not being opened? Don’t worry. Here is the quintessential guide to maximizing your email open rates using custom email templates.

Make sure you implement all these principles and your emails will start getting opened up more frequently:

1. Understand your audience.
Creating user personas is the best way to get started with understanding your target audience. Add to these user personas some relevant data, and you will be able to project everything you need to know about your audiences’ email interaction patterns.

For instance, it is a known fact that emails sent right after the lunch break have a relatively higher opening rate. This is because after coming from a break most people don’t get straight to work.

2. Make it a scientific process.

A scientific process is one which is based on data collected via an experiment. Now, design and marketing decisions can be very arbitrary. So, whenever you have to focus on making a decision that will impact your email designs or feel, conduct an A/B test and follow the results.

At the end of the process, you will have the right emailing templates that have already performed on your required metrics.

3. Keep evolving.

Two decades ago, it was considered stupid to send things via mail as a business. A decade ago, email marketing was just on the verge becoming another mail marketing channel. This just shows one thing – you have to evolve with your marketing strategies.

Now, for instance, several marketers like to stick with the email templates. Why? When your audience is exposed to high tailored media content, wouldn’t they expect similar level of dynamism from you? This is where custom newsletter design can help you.

In order to control your expenses, you may choose to buy some templates online and start using them; but would you prefer using a template for something that will be inside your audience’s inbox for an eternity? Or would you be willing to risk your brand equity on something that is so easily replicable? The answer obviously is – No.

Thus, bring a certain degree of dynamism in your marketing efforts and customize your collateral whenever possible, for both your target audience and your marketing goals.

4. Understand the marketing collateral.

Sometimes, marketers become channel responsive but collateral agnostic. This means, that they form all the marketing collateral based on the principles of the marketing channel they are using, forgetting the very fact that each marketing collateral has its own individual context.

Now, when you are working on a whitepaper, you may use a lot of data and graphs to drive the message home; but you don’t have the same luxury available with emails. There are several marketers who treat emails like long-form copy ads, where they can use any length of content. The reality is – people use work-emails only for business purposes and respond to them only during work hours, when they are short of time. Hence, in this context, a precise and to-the-point copy would do wonders for you.

Such awareness of the collateral’s individual context can have greatly positive impact on the open rates of your email newsletter design. The more you are able to tailor your design to its specific the collateral’s purpose, the better results you will have.

In Conclusion

Emails are increasingly becoming SMSs. When companies got a chance to communicate via SMS, many of them went out of the line and practically spammed every customer. Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake. Stick to the principles – understand your audience, make each marketing decision a scientific process, evolve with time and actively understand the use-case of your marketing collateral.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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