Make Your Email Templates Compatible With Smartphones

The mobile revolution is here. Marketers, it is time to rethink your email marketing strategy.

Since 2016, as much as 54% of the emails have been opened on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. With mobile-friendly email templates, you can explore deeper into your customer bases. In the digitized business space, subscribers access their emails through multiple devices. With the right templates available at your disposal, you can create messages that can be effortlessly read in all environments.

In an effort to make the email marketing strategies friendly with smartphones, business firms are collaborating with the top template designers. Here, you will come to know about certain strategies, that can ensure a greater compatibility for your email templates with mobile devices.

Choosing the mobile code format

Coding might turn out to be complicated. You should understand the three variations of email code designs. These are:

  • Mobile first: Here, compatibility with mobile devices is prioritized over anything else. The designers tailor these types of emails for mobile users.
  • Flexible layout: Marketers generally use flexible layouts, when they are aware of the degree to which their email marketing will be impacted by mobile devices. These are compatible with small smartphones, as well as to the ones with larger screens. However, flexible layouts are simple and reduce the design opportunities.
  • Responsive design: In comparison to all three types of email designs, responsive email design delivers maximum returns. The emails get tailored, depending on the device being used by the recipient.

Choosing the right mobile format code is important, as emails serve as a great sales tool. A survey reveals that 61% of the consumers enjoy receiving weekly promotional emails. Again, 28% of the respondents want the frequency of these emails to be increased.

Designing an appealing layout

Coming up with an appealing email layout for your smartphone recipients is a powerful hack for your marketing strategy. The reputed designers recommend the maximum width to be set between 600 and 650 pixels. This makes them look great across all devices. However, you may go for a minimum width of 300 pixels. This will make the emails compatible with devices with narrow screens.

Here are some other tips that can make the layout appealing:

  • Go for a single-column layout
  • Use around 15% white space
  • Eliminate paragraph spacing for traditional tables
  • Bunch the text together neatly
  • Use a bigger font size to make the text conspicuous

These days, most of the business firms use personalized email templates, that are designed by reputed companies.

Using the images in the right way

Visuals dominate emails substantially, particularly when you design one for smartphones. Most of the marketers prefer using crisp and small-sized images in the emails.

When you use images in the emails, take care of the following aspects:

  • Make sure that the images do not pop out on the horizontal plane
  • Allow the code to adjust the images to the respective screen sizes
  • To optimize the load time, eliminate image junk
  • When an image does not load, you can display alt text

If you need a greater transparency in the structure, you can use PNGs, or JPGs can serve the purpose under normal conditions. For animations, GIFs have gained popularity among marketing circles.

Making the click happen in smartphones

Using mobile-friendly email templates can enhance the sales potential substantially. However, in order to make the recipient click and get converted, you should optimize the CTA buttons. This enhances the chances of tap, that can lead to sales.

  • The CTA buttons should be at least 44 x 44 pixels, that optimizes sloppy swiping
  • Focus on the text and CTA
  • Include preheaders in the emails, that ensure a proper preview
  • For changing the overall experience, you can use media queries
  • For high visual pleasure, use contrasting yet soothing colours

All these features will make mobile browsing of emails enjoyable for the recipients.

For personalized email templates, you can get across to established designers like EmailLions. In the digitized business space, the best way to tap potential sales opportunities is to use responsive email templates. These can help you gain a greater click-through rate, and eventually, conversion. Get the best email templates from the reputed designers to realize your marketing goals.


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