7 Reasons Your Email Templates Should Be Mobile Friendly

With mobile technology penetrating deep into the lifestyles of the masses, marketers are seeking innovative strategies to reach out to them through responsive emails. Statistics reveal that 47% of the emails are opened on mobile devices these days, while this figure may be as high as 70% for certain brands. As a marketer, you must be knowing that email marketing constitutes a core domain within your digital marketing strategy. An increasing number of marketers are integrating responsive email design in their campaigns, moulding their strategies according to the expectations of their customers.

Here are seven reasons explaining the importance of responsive email template for your business.

Mobile experience matters
Today, the mobile experience of your customers counts when you consider the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. With 80% of the mobile users likely to delete emails that fail to display accurately on their screens, collaborating with an established email template designer is a necessity.

Enhance your click-through rates
Using mobile-friendly email templates in your marketing campaigns enhance the click-through rates substantially. Customers are more likely to open the emails on their smartphones these days. You can get your products and services to their fingertips instantly. MailChimp recorded an increment of 15% in the CTR among mobile users in 2014, and the figures have increased in the last few years. It is wise to reach out to potential customers, tapping the areas where they are available.

Deliver personalized content
The importance of personalization in the marketing domain remains unquestionable, particularly in the digitized space. Successful business leaders have been using personalized email templates in their campaigns for long. When you collaborate with the established email template designers and coders, they come up with fonts, colours and images that are likely to deliver the psychological ‘punch’ to potential customers. Complemented by dynamic content, you can bolster your email marketing campaigns.

B2C companies are fast adopting email templates
In a highly competitive business environment, you need to keep yourself abreast to the latest trends. Only 26% of the B2C companies in 2014 had adopted personalized email templates for their business. The figures have drastically increased in the next 4 years, with nearly 50% of these brands embracing email templates. Failure to live up to the trends can push your brand out of the competitive market.

Emails deliver great conversion potential to companies
Although several digital marketing tools have made their way into the platform, email marketing continues to deliver great conversion potential to companies. Experion reveals that every $1 invested in email marketing can generate a return of $44.25. Therefore, the integration of the right responsive email design can help your company achieve great ROI. Emails with customized templates can reach out to customers more efficiently than traditional emails. This fosters the lead generation and conversion to a substantial extent.

Customize your call to action
Regardless of the nature of your products or services, you need to come up with your own distinctive style of call to action. This is the element in your email that actually influences the response of your customers. For instance, when you use a forty pixels square call to action in the email, it retains the engagement that you have created so long. Customizing your call to action with images and other visual elements casts a positive psychological impact on potential customers. It is for this reason that mobile-friendly email templates are finding their way into strategic marketing plans.

The world has more email users than social media users
In 2015, the number of email users was around 2.5 billion. Statista reports that in April 2016, the number of Facebook users was 1.59 billion. The figures make it clear that marketers can reach out to more email users than social media users. Considering the efforts required to reach out to users on Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media platforms, it is wise to go for email marketing, integrating customized templates.

You can realize the potential of well-crafted email templates for your business. Marketers looking for an accomplished email template designer can get across to EmailLions, one of the most celebrated names in the contemporary business space. Get personalized email templates for your email marketing campaigns and leverage your strategy.


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