7 Actionable Tips On Making Mobile Friendly Emails

Smartphones!! They have ruled the world we can say and perhaps every business runs on smartphones.  Each time you send your emails, you should know that a major portion of your subscribers are going to open their emails on their smartphones.

Overlooking mobile friendly emails can be a huge mistake. Your email campaign is not about getting your emails opened and read but also to make sure that your customer experience is just as strong as if the emails are opened on desktop or laptops.

If your emails aren’t mobile-friendly, you are missing out an opportunity to tap in a huge customer base. So, let’s examine 7 actionable tips that any email marketer should use to while laying out email marketing strategy:

 1.Your responsive email design should be concise

Having a concise and clear content is a staple for any email but what’s more important is your email design. Cluttered look will look messier while reading on a smartphone. So, it is advisable to keep the email design simple and content crisp.

2.Using single column template

Email marketers recommends using simple layouts as multiple layouts are difficult to read on mobiles. Your subscribers will have to zoom and scroll often which can be frustrating. Using a single column in your email template makes your content look cleaner and it entice your readers to press call to action tab instantly.

 3Your Subject Line Matters

A usual subject line displays about 60 characters however on mobile devices it shows half of it, which means 30 characters to the most.

Before you optimize your email content, make sure that your subject line is aligned according to mobile viewing. Depending on what email marketing tool you are using, you are likely to analyze the ratio of subscribers reading your emails on mobile devices compared to other.

4.Using Pre-header Text

Pre-header text is often ignored or overlooked and left out but what email marketers forget it is they are extremely useful when it comes mobile friendly emails.

The first line of the copy of your email is pre-header text. It serves as a support to your subject line, offering more content that attracts your subscribers to open your email.

5.Avoid Using Tiny Fonts

Tiny fonts irritate any reader especially when they are reading on a device like cell phone.

Clearly avoid using small or fancy fonts. Your reader are simple people probably who enjoys reading your emails and the purpose behind. Why make a mess using smaller fonts? Email marketers recommends using minimum size of 14pt fonts for body text and 22pt for headlines.

It is also recommended using strong contrast colors, like dark text on a light background. Many people turn down the brightness level on the mobile device which helps in conserving their batteries.

  1. Displaying Small Images

Smaller images will reduce load time and bandwidth. Many mobile users are using lower bandwidth or have slower connections hence the speed of the images load is crucial.

If you have technical people it is best to let them design accordingly as they know which size is suitable for mobile reviewing. It is preferable to use responsive-coding techniques to load smaller images on mobile devices and larger ones on other devices.

  1. Do Not Make Your Call To Action An Image

Some emails only display images from verified sending addresses. So, if you are using an image for your call to action and your recipient’s email client doesn’t have images enabled for your sending address, they will not be able to see it.

If you decide to use an image for your call to action, make sure the image has a descriptive ALT tag which matches the text that appears in the image, such as “click here.”

Final Thoughts

The reader’s experience must be your priority.

Think about your own experience when you encounter an email that doesn’t display properly on your mobile device how would you feel?

Even if it’s from a source that interests you, you may not want to spend extra time wasting on reading the content of the email. Instead of putting your readers in such circumstance, you can easily create mobile-friendly emails that display properly on any devices.

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