6 Things to Keep in Mind before Finalizing a Halloween Email Template for Your Business

The Halloween is just around the corner and the spooky fever is rising with every passing day. Every business seeks to benefit from the festive spirit and aims to attract potential customers through marketing activities and digital campaigns dipped in the Halloween spirits. Emails are a great way to attract and engage potential customers to motivate them for trying out a brand’s product or service. Halloween month is a great period for businesses to trick the inbox of subscribers and treat them with exclusive deals, spooky content and more.

A great Halloween email template design offers a great chance for a business to be noticed by a subscriber, driving greater engagement and profits from an email marketing campaign. There are a number of successful email campaign examples that used attractive Halloween email templates and inspiration emails to leverage the Halloween opportunity effectively. Let us look at some of the most important things a Halloween email template must possess before you finalize on it to drive maximum engagements for your business:

  • Halloween-inspired treats – freebies, offers, deals & more to engage subscribers

Any email looking forward to leverage festive fervor must have something of a concrete value to offer to the subscriber. When it comes to Halloween, people look for special treats and a brand should trick them by offering Halloween-inspired treats in the form of freebies, Halloween offers, sale event invitations, focused discount deals that make your subscribers engaged with your business. You can also delight subscribers with a useful and well-timed how to post, printable Halloween stencils or related offerings that adds value to their life this Halloween.

Martha Stewarts- a famous American businesswoman made use of this technique in her Halloween mailer treats subscribers by providing printable pumpkin stencil that users can actually use for Halloween. By providing a useful treat, she improve email opening rate and engaged users better. Have a look at her Halloween email template design below:

Email Template Design

  • Halloween-centric Design sprinkled by Spooky Spirit

It is important for a business to get back to the drawing board, dirty its hands in Halloween paints and redesign its standard email template without being too rigid in its approach. As Halloween is a dark festival, a brand’s Halloween email template must also possess a Halloween centric design with required sprinkling of spookiness, all across. A business must keep a note of successful Halloween email templates and inspiration emails and craft something unique that attract a subscriber to engage with what a business has to say. Barnes & Noble has a tendency to use Halloween as a great opportunity to sprinkle Halloween spookiness on their standard email by using elements such as little bats flying across content blocks in the form of animated eye-catching GIFs. Have a look below:

  • Clear & Halloween-spirited Copy

The charm of any email campaign is in providing maximum possible content to the readers without forcing them to read the same. Similarly, during the Halloween season too, any Halloween email template must possess a clear, Halloween-spirited copy that encourages a reader to engage with everything a business has to offer through the email.

Etsy made use of an innovative approach by following photo-based content copy approach to communicate with its subscribers during Halloween time. The brand succeeded in attracting readers and improving redirects to the website by following a clear & photo-based copy approach. Have a look at Etsy’s email:

  • Out-of-the-box Creativity to Amaze the Subscribers/Buyers

Any business/brand trying to attract subscribers on Halloween must come out of their structured email design approach and focus on employing out-of-the-box creativity to create a Halloween email template design. The design must be alluring as well as focus on celebrating the spookiness that Halloween imbibes within.

Elle adopted this approach to add Halloween festive fervor to their well-established email newsletter structure by making a de saturated and circular email design. By providing a refreshed look to their existing emails, the brand improved click rates and motivated readers to stay engaged with the business. Have a look at Elle’s Halloween mailer:

Halloween Email Template Design

  • Focused CTA’s to Engage Email Subscribers

Call to action is the breath and blood of any email. It encourages a reader to take action and improve brand’s engagement prospects with the email subscribers. A Halloween email template design must incorporate a focused CTA to motivate buyers to take some action. Time Out New York made use of a focused CTA in its Halloween mailer to make subscribers vote on Halloween costumes and provided movie vouchers in returns. The campaign got massively successful as it offered a useful commodity to users, helped brand gather user-generated content and leverage the Halloween opportunity only because of the focused CTA. Have a look:

Halloween email template design

  • Social media-relevant Micro Content for Increased Social Sharing

Any festive-specific email campaign must have a socially WOW element that motivates users to share the email campaign on social media platforms. A Halloween email template can also focus on providing shareable micro content by including Halloween-specific images, content, special Halloween tricks, treat recipes and top them up with social sharing buttons with the same to increase the social media quotient of the brand as well as the subscribers.

McCormick made a pumpkin party-themed email that focused on just a single ‘Pin It’ social CTA to improve engagement on Pinterest and motivate users to share the content offered by the brand in the email on Pinterest. Instead of focusing on multiple social media portals, the brand looked forward to focused audience and attention by motivating users to pin its festive recipes on Pinterest. Using tailor-made content and design in a Halloween email template can do wonders for a business like it did for McCormick. Have a look at their design:

Halloween email template

Using festive spirit in favor of your business is an art and when it comes to using the same spirit on digital mediums is a bigger art. While the above mentioned successful campaigns registered spectacular success from their Halloween-specific email campaigns, not everyone is able to leverage the Halloween opportunity in their campaigns. You as a business can successfully turn heads through exclusive Halloween email templates offered by Email Lions and successfully engage your email subscribers for faster business growth. Get the best email templates for Halloween today!


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