5 Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Newsletter Templates

Google has become a great disseminator of information. Yet, there is one principle problem – it depends on you, the user, to verify what content is relevant and what isn’t. Hence, when you go out searching for email marketing newsletter templates you will be bombarded with a ton of generic content. You may, or may not find all of it relevant.

Hence, here are a few tips you can work upon to ensure that you are able to make the most out of your newsletter marketing efforts.

1. The Basics: Newsletters are for educating not branding.

A newsletter has a lot of real estate space and this may make you believe you should ideally be utilizing it for brand awareness in some form. This is not the best idea.

The best way to go around this is by focusing on the ratio of 9:1. Here, every 9 out of 10 stories you put in your newsletter should be focusing on educating your customers without trying to push your products and 1 out of 10 stories you put in should focus on directly promoting your products.

This is a great way to utilize your newsletters because in one go you are hitting multiple targets:

a. You are generating opinion leadership. If the average ticket size in your industry is high, this shall be an asset to your business.

b. You are creating a reliable media property. Once your newsletters have garnered enough traction for your brand and have established enough brand equity in themselves, they can be leveraged as a media property to help you bring on board companies that offer complimentary products/services to your offerings. This is one way to actually generate revenues using sheer marketing.

2. Never download an off the shelf design template.

Some people may say that newsletters are a game of quantity and not quality, since you will be sending one every once in a while. This is exactly the reason why newsletters are more about a game of scaling, rather than a game of quantity.

Will you scale a product, service or process which does not have great quality?

You won’t. Just like that, newsletters are supposed to be scaled to larger audiences.

This is where an online template may not work for you. What you can do is, get a designer on board and get a custom newsletter design built exclusively for your brand, your customers’ tastes and your goals. Later on, tweak and scale as you see the results coming in!

3. Get a professional coding services partner on board.

Designers are the best way to get started with your newsletters; but, that’s only the very initial step in the process. Once you have the design ready, get a partner who can help you with email design and coding services. Similar to getting it designed versus downloading an off the shelf solution, coding is extremely important to ensure that the design you have invested in actually translates into its designed execution.

Many people believe that getting a great newsletter template designed is all they need, but they forget that it is equally important to ensure that the same designed newsletter reaches your consumers. This is where great coding services help you out.

4. Make a responsive template.

Instagram and YouTube have more engagement than any other traditional media site. Why? Because they curate the content and adapt it to the user’s choice. Exactly like this, your newsletters have to be tailored around the responses of your consumers as well as their relationship with your business.

Beyond the very types of customers, a responsive HTML email template will help your messages look more dynamic and make your consumers feel more engaged with your brand since they now see only what’s relevant to them, based on their previous actions.

5. Be regular.

Treat your newsletters just the way you treat your other marketing collateral. Just because you are sending it once a month or quarter, does not mean you put up anything only for the sake of doing it.

As a matter of fact, if you are sending it between long intervals of time, you will have to ensure that the newsletter actually creates a lasting impression on your users, or else, they will simply forget it by the next time you send it.



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