5 Types of Email Newsletter Templates You Should Be Using

There are a ton of MBAs, graduating at the top of their classes in the finest b-schools across the world. Ever wondered, why not all of them end up becoming a Tim Cook or a Satya Nadella? Because the great CEOs have a template for success. The same holds true for email marketing newsletter templates.

Hence, before you set out to get experts in the email design and coding services domain, here are the 5 types of email newsletter templates you must think about using:

  1. The Greeting Mail.

These days, it has become increasingly common for customers to feel like they are dealing with a machine, because there is a high chance they literally are. Organizations develop customary greetings, and dealing with even the customer reps becomes a task similar to talking to a 1990s computer via code.

Thus, if you choose to take the time to craft a greeting email template, it shows to the customer that you truly value the opportunity they have given you. Start with truly welcoming them with your warm wishes. Don’t bombard them with offers; use this greeting mail to tell them about what they can do with your business and how you can bring value to their life. While doing this, it would make a lot of sense to use a responsive HTML email template, since you would not want the customer to feel this is a machine generated email; that would defeat the purpose.  

  1. The Customer Success Story Mail.

One of the major issues with brand engagement is that customers often forget businesses, especially the smaller ones. If you are too active with your newsletters, you might even end in the spam box. You step the boundaries of selling vs value creation, and each newsletter will hamper your relationship with your customer.

Hence, somewhere a few weeks after your customer has signed for your newsletter, tell them an honest story about a customer who found success thanks to your offerings. This will help you re-establish the faith your customer had in you, when she signed up for your newsletter. As it goes without saying, using a custom newsletter design would be of great help here. 

  1. The Founding Story Mail.

Want to humanize your brand? Show the struggle of the founders and why they started with this business. Often, customers forget that the business they are dealing with, was also started by someone like them. When you tell the founding story of your brand, you are letting your customers know that your business exists for a reason – to bring value to their lives, and that the founders went through great pain to bring this business to where it stands today.

If nothing else, telling the founders’ story will help you garner an emotional connect with your customers. 

  1. The Special Offers Mail.

Want to pull your customers back to the selling cart? Let them know there is something special for them. Generic offers, limited edition sales and clearance sales are fine, they are open to everyone. But every once in a while, you should let your customer know that they mean a lot to your business. This becomes critically important right in the moment when the customer has not interacted with your business for a long time. 

  1. The Follow Up Mail/Abandoned Cart Mail.

Finally – if you want to fight that astronomical bounce rate you have been witnessing, use this one. Use this email template to remind your customers that items they abandoned in their cart are now available at a discount, or that a better variant is available at the same price or that there is special discount if they buy it right-away.

In Conclusion

Email Newsletters are extremely important as a channel of communication, between your brand and your audience. If you want to scale the effectiveness of this channel, it would make a ton of sense to use templates.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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