5 Types of Businesses that Must Use a Custom Newsletter Design

It makes a lot of accounting sense to buy a few off-the-shelf email marketing newsletter templates and keep using them for months, if not years. That said, they soon start becoming monotonous for your audience and even if you are packing great content in them, you make the audience lose its interest in them.

Thus, go for a custom designed, responsive HTML email template and keep revising it. Especially, if you are in one of these five businesses, you have to use a custom newsletter design:

1. Marketing Services

Majority of the newsletters are sent by creative agencies, production companies and media companies. In some way or the other, they are all in the business of marketing their offerings. If they fail at marketing, their business would come down. How do you know if you are in this business of marketing first? Simple, there would be a great correlation between your marketing expenditure and the growth you have in your business, up to a certain extent.

The problem with the newsletters sent by such companies is – they send them in huge numbers. And if you try to cut corners in design, you might end up with a newsletter that looks identical to some other company’s newsletter, which is an invited disaster. Hence, if you want to brand your messaging visually and want to increase or retain the engagement rates of your business, you should be using custom newsletter design.

 2. Personal Coaching/Well-being Services

Several professionals are finding second careers in this area. Not only is it fulfilling, if done well, it can help you make a good living for yourself. The only problem being – you have to earn people’s trust, since you are entering their personal space.

If you choose an off-the-shelf email template, you run the risk of not being able to communicate your message with absolute effectiveness. At the same time, if you take up a frugal option for designing and coding your newsletters, you may end up with a semi-professional looking product, which might not be necessarily good for your business. Hence, hire an email design and coding services provider and get it all custom built.

 3. Professional Services (Accounting, Consulting etcetera)

The problem with businesses in these areas is – how do you engage your audience? After all, the service you are providing is as good as the next guy. Marketing differentiation becomes the only point of engagement for such businesses. Thus, they are in dire need to customize their newsletters and ensure that their messaging is heard every single time they send that newsletter out to their clients and subscribers.

4. Complex B2B Products

Your sales team must have told you about the astronomical target conversion rates you should have. But how do you attain them? Newsletters are a space where you can tell your customers and prospective customers all the value you can bring to their business. Hence, every single piece of the messaging is essential to be highlighted. This is where customizing the templates helps. It makes you ensure that the right parts of each newsletter are highlighted to push your leads through the cycle.

5. Niche Industries

For owners and operators in niche industries, the struggle is that there are no readymade solutions available for their marketing problems. This is because the problems they face are relatively smaller and unique. Hence, it is acutely important for them to make sure they are able to explain their offering clearly. A custom designed newsletter gives them their own space to do so.

In Conclusion

If you want to differentiate your brand and want to ensure that your marketing message isn’t lost in the spam folder of the recipients, you should consider customizing the newsletters.



Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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