5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Static Design at All Costs!

Most of the businesses view design as a cost they want to minimize. After all, there is no guarantee that costlier design will be better!

The problem comes when we start applying the same principle to our marketing collateral, especially our email newsletters. Lately, email newsletters have become the new method of creating a brand’s own marketing channel with the customer’s permission in the customer’s own ecosystem.

That said – static design can hamper all the effort you might have put into crafting your email marketing strategy. Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely avoid static design:

1. It creates monotony.

The biggest mistake you can do is make your marketing efforts seem monotonous. If, as a marketer, you create only one HTML email design and want to use it for all audiences, for all your messaging across all customers – it will seem heavily monotonous.

Analyse from the audiences’ perspective – they are being bombarded with mails every day. Among these mails, would be your mails. Hence, if you don’t try to stand out or start seeming monotonous, you might end up getting completely ignored.

2. It lacks customization.

Now, when there is monotony, there will be no space for customization. The best email newsletter templates ensure that they are specifically targeted towards one group of audiences. Depending on where the person is in her/his customer journey with your brand or what interaction you have had with the customer – your messaging would change.

Customization and differentiation are the only two ways to attract the right audience.

3. It makes your messaging sound mundane.

When you create a responsive design template, you are actively helping your message behind all your communication to get enhance. Static design becomes a cookie-cutter approach, where you try to fit the same solution to different problems and it obviously does not work.

Take for instance, the importance of a message. If a new prospect has just signed up for your newsletter, your tone should be informative and your design should support that. Here, if you put up very loud colours and screaming headlines, you might seem a bit to desperate to make the sale.

At the same time, if the lead is one the very of conversion and your design is not providing any cues or a nudge, you lose the opportunity of converting the sale. Thus, it becomes crucial to ensure that your messaging is not getting mundane because of your static design.

4. It significantly reduces your open rates.

All the points discussed till here culminate into reducing your open rates. When someone has signed up for your newsletter, she/he is expecting some value addition coming from the very first newsletter she/he receives. Here, you have one chance to push the lead further in the customer journey.

If you are using static design – your newsletter may seem mundane and the messaging may not register with the necessary impact. Worse, if the lead has already seen a similar template in some other email newsletter sent by some other company – you instantly lose your credibility in the situation.

Hence, it is imperative to understand – that usage of static design, even once, can hamper your chances of converting the lead. It will directly impact the open rates of your emails and thus rob you off of a chance to the lead.

5. It increases your costs.

When you use static design and your open rates have started going down, it is obvious that your cost per lead will skyrocket.

A well-structured and design email newsletter will help you establish opinion leadership as a brand. When you really create value for your audiences, you get the required conversions and the benefit of word of mouth. When you opt for a static design, your conversion rates go down significantly and that balloons your costs on a per lead or per conversion basis.

In Conclusion

It is logical to create HTML email template. If you start using static design, your open rates will go down because of lost messaging or next to no differentiation. Decreased open rates will impact your cost per lead and cost per conversion. So, avoid static design at all costs!


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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