5 Newsletter Design Principles Every Email Campaign Should Adhere to

Many of us in the business community believe that design is a secondary function which only serves an aesthetic purpose. If you belong to this school of thought, you couldn’t be more wrong about designing.

Designing is a set of rules that you set up in prior so your work is scalable and consistent in quality, while serving a set of performance metrics. So, here are few design principles you should adhere to while creating your custom newsletter design in order to get the benefits of both brand awareness and lead generation from your newsletters

1. Education over sales. Sounds counter intuitive? It isn’t. Ask any experienced and well performing sales personnel, what is her/his biggest asset – she/he would answer you with the word ‘credibility’.

Selling your product or pitching it into a message is the last thing you want to do, like dessert. You can obviously have it earlier but then it may or may not work. Newsletters are a medium for you to tell your customers that you understand their problems and are providing a solution.

So, all the product images, discount posters and links to your e-commerce store that you plan to put up everywhere in the email marketing newsletter templates – avoid them.

2. Be active. Your newsletter email marketing efforts are a unique opportunity for you to engage with your target audience on a more regular level. Hence, don’t sit back thinking that the relationship you want to build will get built by one article or a set of research reports you quote in your newsletters.

The perfect degree of being active would mean sending out a newsletter somewhere between once a week to once a month – anything above or beneath that is either too much or too less.

Another way of understanding this principle is that your design should never feel like a ‘template’. Yes, everyone enjoys and cherishes standardized processes but they can get very monotonous very fast. So, if you have to work on a template, ensure you have a responsive HTML email template.

3. Sales are a second degree mission, but they are part of the goals. Your primary objective, by all means is to ensure that the products are moving out of your inventory and towards your customers. Hence, sales cannot be ignored.

The motive here is to create spaces where your customers can easily go and buy your products or services if they want to, but you should not be pushing the products into the reader’s face.

So, how do you hit the right note here? The answer is simple – 90% of all the content you are putting in your newsletter should have a clear motive of only helping your customers solve their problems. The remaining 10% is where you can give them an easy channel to buy your products and services.

For example – a CTA that helps them buy the relevant products or services once they have consumed the content you have disseminated.

4. Less is more by all means. No designer can stress enough on this – less is more when it comes to efficacy of a design. Whether it comes to product designs, movie posters or email newsletters, designs very motive is to communicate as much as possible in as less as possible.

Many marketers believe that if their agency is not giving them highly complex designs which will take days or even weeks to be delivered, their marketing dollars are not being utilized. The key performance indicator here should not be the complexity of the final design or the hours put in to make it – but how easy it is for a reader or viewer to comprehend and does it move them towards taking an action.

Keep your design to a minimal level where they are helping the content to become more consumable instead of being a distraction to your very message.

5. Hire professionals. You saw that one email newsletter and thought it’s easy to replicate it and just walk around – you should be thinking again. When the very business strategy of being second best is not good enough, how can you apply the same principle to designing. Hence comes the last master tip – hire experts in Email Design And Coding Services so you may focus on what you are good at.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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