5 Important Reasons for Converting PSD to HTML Email

For email marketers, PSD to HTML conversion is one of the most crucial stages during their campaigns. Today, this conversion has become identical to email coding. Given that every $1 invested in email marketing can yield an ROI of $38, it is important to convert PSD emails to HTML.

Marketers, you should know that this is the most interesting stage of your campaign. With the level of innovation involved, you should know the technical aspects associated with the PSD to HTML conversion process.

Why is PSD to HTML email conversion important?

Converting your emails from PSD to HTML format is necessary to promote your existing as well as new services. Today, email marketing forms one of the core areas of digital marketing. Converting your emails to the HTML format ensures a cost-effective communication strategy with your customers.

  • It enhances the email functionality to a great extent
  • The users are able to check, track and share the emails faster after his conversion
  • You can provide customizable solutions and a greater navigability to your recipients
  • It prepares a communication platform that is more interactive and capable of retaining potential customers
  • For small businesses, email marketing can yield promising returns

Today, email marketing forms the primary lead generation channel for 89% of the marketers. It is for this reason that successful business firms prioritize PSD to email html conversion. They collaborate with the established companies for designing the right email templates.

 Reasons for Converting PSD to HTML Email

In the competitive business environment, it is important to convert your emails from the PSD to HTML format for several reasons.

Strengthen your brand presence

Email marketing enables business firms stay in touch with potential clients. As HTML emails enhance the functionality, companies consider PSD To HTML Email conversion to be one of the most strategic moves in the overall marketing mechanism. It can strengthen your brand presence substantially.

Marketers can keep their clients notified about the promotional and sales and various targeted deals. In order to deliver the beautifully designed emails, you need to get them converted.

Stylized emails can make the mark

The generic clutter of texts and fonts that people see in their mailbox fails to make the cut. In order to make your emails make the impact, you need to use stylized texts, fonts, colours, designs and typography. When you convert PSD to email HTML, you can visually establish your brand’s identity and style.

You must know, that plain text in the emails does not provide all the customizable options. With an HTML email template, you can incorporate the necessary designs.

Present eCommerce products effectively

In the eCommerce industry, marketers focus on PSD to HTML conversion as it enables them to showcase the products seamlessly. It is important for you to show exactly what the actual product is. In these cases, HTML email templates are necessary.

With a well-designed HTML email template for eCommerce, you can allow your customers easily navigate through the environment. They can make their purchase without any hassle.

Make your emails mobile-friendly

More than 50% of the emails are opened on mobile devices. You need to make the emails compatible with smartphones and tablets. HTML emails are mobile-friendly, and once you get them converted to this format, you can penetrate deeper into the market.

Make sure not to disappoint the mobile users by sending PSD emails that do not open on certain devices. Get them converted to HTML, so that they open properly on all mobile devices.

 Using email marketing platforms

Most of the marketers use email marketing platforms like Constant Contact or MailChimp for dispatching well-designed emails. In order to use these platforms, you need to get the emails converted to HTML.

Business firms often seek professional services for converting PSD to HTML emails. Using the email marketing platforms enables them track the performance of their competitors.

During the campaign, the quality of conversion has a direct impact on the sales. It ensures that the designs get displayed on the smartphones, computer or laptop of the recipient properly. For PSD To HTML Email conversion services and customized templates, you can get across to an established company like EmailLions. Collaborating with the professionals, you can explore the great marketing potential in the digitized industry.


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