5 Common Mistakes People Make While Converting PSD to HTML

How would you feel – if you prepare hard for a marathon, get the right diet, the right gear, practice a lot and finally, when you are about to cross the final line, you faint and blackout! Exactly that is what happens when you focus extremely well on designing a great email template but ignore the PSD to HTML conversion.

Yes, getting the design right is extremely important and without it, nothing will work in the process ahead. That said, the very next step of converting all your PSD to email HTML is also equally important. So, here are a few common mistakes you should specifically avoid.

1. Taking things in their own hands.

This is one of the common errors which small business operators and owners make. It is great to take an active seat in every decision you make for your company but that does not mean you have to do things all by yourself.

Converting PSD to HTML may look like an off the page process which can be taken care of by watching a few YouTube videos or reading a few blogs. Remember, it is not so straightforward. Consider this – the end product will be the face of your company in the mail boxes of your prospective customers. Wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward when interacting for the first time with prospective customers?

In order to achieve that, ensure you have a partner or team of professionals to help you get the very basics right with the email newsletter template conversions.

2. Running after the minimum budget instead of quality.

Some business owners and managers are trying to cut costs on every line of expenses.

For instance, picture this – you have poured your energy and resources in getting your email newsletter template designed with extreme finesse. Now, since you have spent in so much in getting a great design, you want to cut costs in the PSD to HTML conversion process and hence you hire the partner who quotes the least. At the end, you’re met with compromised output and you have to repeat the entire process of conversion and this time hire a new partner.

Hence, the only focus a manager should have, will be on the quality of the partner’s output.

3. Trying to design things at the time of conversion.

Yet another version of a cost cutting measure is getting the newsletters designed by the very people who are literally responsible for executing your PSD to Email HTML conversion. Even the most experienced and skilled developers will tell you that they have broad understanding of what the best email newsletter templates look like, but they will never be able to customize these templates as per your specific needs.

So, when you plan to leverage your developer or conversion partner’s experience, use it in the right place – in the conversion of the files.

4. Asking the designer to convert it for them.

An altogether different move is – asking the designer herself/himself to convert the files for you. Once again, since this is a cost cutting measure, that is the only metric gauged to realize the impact. In reality, this is worse than the net results you are expecting.

Exactly the way a developer may miss out on the nuances of the design while converting the files, the designer may completely miss out on the nuances of converting it all into the right formats. Hence, get the right people to do the right job!

5. Not establishing the right metrics for gauging the effectiveness of the conversion.

Finally, like all ineffective managements, several businesses do not establish a formal set of characteristics which will be used to test the effectiveness of the conversion. Yes, the converted files may look identical to the PSD files, but is that their only job?

Obviously not! These files are supposed to help the brand attain awareness and traction. So, next time when you are setting out on a new relationship with your file converting partner, establish the common metrics to gauge your partner’ strengths and weaknesses. Some industry specific KPIs are image alt tags, page loading speeds and the precise usage colours post conversion


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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