4 Things to Keep in Mind While Designing an Email Template

You might be wondering that you got a team of professionals to help you execute your email campaigns – there are programmers and designers who can exactly help you achieve what you aim for with your personalized email templates. Why, then, you have to keep any guidelines in your mind when the designs are being prepared?

To start with – it is your business and you have to know how are things being done at the ground level. Yes, you may not understand how to create HTML email template but you would surely want to evaluate them to ensure that they serve the purpose they were planned to effectively and efficiently.

So, here are 4 things you should keep in mind in order to get the most out of your email template designs:

1. Build responsive email template.

This is imperative to the very success of your email marketing efforts. If you ignore this or take up some other cost cutting rationale to avoid this, you will lose out a whole lot of potential business.

The primary reason why a responsive template is way better than a static one is:

a. It makes the user feel relevant.
b. It ensures that the right marketing nudge is reaching the right user at the right time.
c. It builds engagement and increases conversions.

Hence, everything from your content to design should be responsive and tailored according to the user personas you have created as well as the user data you have collected.

This applies not only to the marketing emails you will be sending out, but also the personal email templates you plan to use. Your communication with your internal customers is equally important as your communication with your external customers.

2. Know what the metrics – the why and the how.

It is not difficult to build a design for an email marketing campaign, if you have the right resources in place; but that does not guarantee results. As a matter of fact, the only way you can see if you are getting the results you aimed for, is by ensuring that you are measuring the impact of your emails on the right grounds.

Thus, the more important question to ask is not how to design an email template but why to design an email template in the first place. This will give you the right perspective towards understanding that you are creating templates to be able to scale them later on and be more efficient as you do that.

So, before you get started, set the right metrics.

3. Ensure that the execution coherent to your brand guidelines.

The only thing more confusing than an automated email response is an email response which looks like it does not belong to the brand whose name it bears.

If you plan to use the power of your brand for generating higher returns in later stages of your business, you have to ensure that the brand is getting created in a standard way and its presence is uniform across all touchpoints.

Imagine this – the logo you have on all your marketing collaterals is different from the logo which has been used in your email templates. Now, this might be an honest mistake and can occur in one of the many stages from designing to conversion to execution – but it is a mistake and it shows that the brand might not be all that serious about its own intellectual property.

4. Look into the design and evaluate it objectively.

Now you may wonder how can one even evaluate a design objectively? Isn’t design supposed to ignite different opinions from different people? If that is the question you have, you are confusing design with art.

Design, especially when it comes to email template designing, has a very functional purpose – to communicate the message in the simplest and yet the most effective way possible. This means, that the design should not be a liability on the entire marketing collateral but should enhance the messaging you want your marketing efforts to bear.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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