4 Key Foundations to Get the Returns on Your Newsletters

According to data reported by Salesforce, the average return on investment of an email marketing campaign is as high as 3800%. There are several digital marketing pioneers and conveners of online courses who quite literally preach email marketing and ask business owners to leverage this medium more often. Many entrepreneurs get started with email marketing and wait to get the 1000%+ returns on their money spent in the campaign – guess what, nothing works out and they get disappointed.

Now, from a distance, email marketing may seem overly complicated when you see the sophisticated email marketing campaigns of your competition, you may end up getting intimidated with their scale of sending, imagining their low bounce rates and then asking yourself whether you will ever be able to reach that scale? Guess what, email marketing is no rocket science. Like everything in business, with a quality process, iterations and a feedback mechanism – you can hit the email marketing nail right on its head.

Here are the key foundations you need to take care of to actually maximize the returns on your newsletters as you proceed with your email marketing campaigns:

1. Use email newsletter templates: David Ogilvy, the legendary founder of Ogilvy & Mather once said in his biography that marketers and advertisers should use their successful ads till the point they turn useless. The same holds true for your newsletters. You start with experimenting around several templates and then see the analytics on each one. The one which works out the best for your KPIs, use it frequently, till it actually becomes redundant or starts showing negative performance.

2. Use a tested email layout template: Some marketers work really well with their newsletters but fail to see that newsletters are only one part of the email marketing campaign. Most of the marketers design great newsletters for their audience, but the actual email which is supposed to carry the newsletter gets ignored. There are no fixed ways apart from the basics – have a good design, create a headline which catches attention but does not over promise, use colors in your design, keep the tone friendly, make no grammatical errors and finally, make sure they feel that they need what you have to offer. Beyond these basics, you can try pretty much anything and see what works consistently. Based on your consumer’s persona and your market you will start finding that some things work across your emails. For instance, if you end up using to many animated characters and colors in your template, including in the headline as well as the newsletter, your consumers may not take you seriously. Find these insights and test out everything.

Quite similar to your email layouts, you can see how campaigns work. If you pay attention to your analytics dashboard for campaigns, you can build the right email campaign templates as well. Use these templates as guiding principles for all your campaigns.

3. Try differentiating: This is one of the biggest marketing principles and yet many marketers miss it in one go. You may feel immense pressure when you are trying to compete with other brands; but, if you can somehow change your narrative from everyone else, you are giving your audience a binary scale – either to choose you or your competition. Apple is not a smartphone maker; it’s an innovative tech company; so either you can buy their innovative products or you can buy their competition. You can start with innovating at your messaging levels. For instance, you can use a responsive email template instead of a static one. Or you can choose to communicate with your audience via one of your members so your audience always knows it is talking with a real human and not a bot.


Ravi comes from a technical and creative background and understands client operation management very well. He has functional and technical expertise in email design, development and email marketing concepts, Also helps clients with go to market email strategies.



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