10 Newsletter Email Template Design Tips To Boost Clicks And Engagement

Why are my newsletters not opened? Why this bounce rate doesn’t reduce? What’s wrong with my email template? Lots of why’s and what’s but no right answer to it unless you do some brainstorming.

Let’s say you have decent number of email addresses. You want to grow your email database proceeding towards your sales funnel and the final closure – the conversion. Your newsletter email template design has to be engaging, attractive with compelling content for your targeted audience. Does your newsletter carry these elements?

Let’s get into the facts first:

  • On an average, a person receives 80 emails a day, which means it is slightly difficult for your emails to get noticed.
  • Email’s average ROI is 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail.
  • Your email newsletters aren’t going to be clicked if you are still sticking the email templates of 90s.
  • About 53% of the emails in a day are opened on smartphones, if yours doesn’t have responsive design you are losing your customers.
  • It’s predicted that the United States will spend over 350 million dollars on email advertising in 2019
  • 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns
  • 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media
  • When it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), when compared to social, direct mail and more.

Before you begin designing your newsletter the primary thing that majority of the marketers forget is the format. There are 3 majorly used email newsletter formats:

  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Plain Text

We have compiled the list of 10 best newsletter email templates design tips to inspire you. All you have to do is make few changes to boost your engagement rates.

1. Using an Unconventional Layout For Your Newsletters
Check out that common stuff.  Gone are the days of using simple left to right and top to bottom layout. There are several unique layouts to choose from. For e.g. steps pattern or snake pattern or you can choose infographic block pattern to describe your content.

Today it is the trend of unconventional layouts and the best ways to engage your targeted audience.

2. Choose Your Color Scheme Based On Your Brand
Just because “Blue” is in you should not use it. Your newsletter represents your brand hence it is important that it carries your branding message within.

Make sure that your email template design is aligned with your branding colors. Utilize the color scheme that does highlight your brand color combination.

3. Use Creative Header Which Reflects Your Theme of Your Newsletter
Keep in mind that your newsletter header is the first thing that people notice. It is important that your newsletter header grabs your customer’s attention.

Create a creative header that reflects your theme of your newsletter, use images to illustrate the ideas and be clear with the font that is in sync with the email template.

4. Using FOMO to Your Benefit
This newsletter email template is trending and exceptionally doing well. It provides a mystery push that urges your customers to click on “CALL to ACTION” button.

FOMO technique is one of the powerful ways to drive your customers to take specific action for e.g. buying the product, signing up the newsletter, getting the discount, accepting the promo offers etc.

5. Spend More Time Crafting Your Subject Line
Your email could contain the best content ever, but no one will read it if your subject line is weak.

A strong subject line immediately grabs your subscriber’s attention and entices them to open your email. Since many people skim through their inboxes, it’s best to keep your subject line short and catchy; create subject lines that are no longer than 50 characters.

With modern inboxes overflowing with promotions, work emails and personal messages, your subject line needs to stand out.

6. Make Your CTA  Such They Can’t Refuse
Last but not the least; your CTA has to be serving its purpose. Your CTA shouldn’t look like you are pushing or begging to take up the action. Put your CTA forefront that it is noticed. It has to be attractive and luring that your customers have hard time resisting.

7. Pay Attention To The Images
It’s tough to work out the right balance of the images in the newsletters that you send out. On the one hand, 2/3rds of the subscribers prefer emails that are mostly images. Images can have a greater impact especially when you are launching the product/services, or having discounted deals.

While designing the newsletter with the images, consider whether a background image is really necessary for your email newsletter. If it isn’t, just leave it out, as many marketers do these days.

Use ALT text to describe any images you use so that even with images disabled, it will still make sense.

8. Keep The Text Short
When you have got website visitors, your aim is to keep them engaged on your website through your content. When it comes to email newsletter it’s the opposite. Your ultimate goal is to get them out of their inboxes and onto your site or landing page.

That’s why the text have to be short.

How short? Email newsletters which are 200 words long have the best click-through rate.

9. Make It Easy To Read
Remember your audience is not some geeky nerd, so make sure that you use basic, simple language that they can easily understand.

The manner in which you structure your email newsletters will help with this. Since pictures draw the look, where you put them will influence what individuals see.

What’s more, obviously you can utilize subheads and visual cues to keep individuals pursuing and lead them to your invitation to take action.

10. Testing Your Newsletters
Our last tip is to test your email. As mentioned before your newsletter will look different in different email clients. That’s why your goal is to create emails that work in most of them. An easy way to test your email newsletter design is to send a test email, then minimize your browser window to see how it looks.

Apart from the above mentioned significant email template tips there are other things to consider like:

    • Using complimentary colors
    • Use directional cues and visual indicators
    • Using frames to organize your newsletter design template
    • Give enough white space
    • Keep your newsletter light and punny
    • Give your readers exactly what they want

Follow these email template design tips and you’ll soon have a beautifully engaging email newsletter with increasing engagement rates. For more signup for our newsletter here .

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